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Below are some of the kids parties we have held using party ideas and supplies from Little Dance. Click the link to visit a detailed page showing some very stylish parties created from clever ideas!

Further down the page we have loads of useful resources and ideas to help you hold the best kids party in Melbourne EVER!!


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Baby Party Ideas Melbourne

A baby party is certainly special. One of lifes many firsts as we journey together. Baby may have been announced in style, and christened or even baptised, but a babies first birthday party is magical just the same.

One of the main themes of a babys party - usually a babies first birthday - is a celebration of being a baby. An opportunity for mums - and dads - to meet, mingle, and share experiences, ideas and memories. A gentle exchange of presents, birthday wishes, and many photo opportunities that will never come again....and best of all, a baby party is a great way to begin the tradition that you intend to continie, and this flows through to our baby party ideas:

A good invitation is a must. Popular baby party invitation ideas often make use of a photo of your baby and also provide a lovely keepsake. Another must is a welcome banner - ideal for enhancing that happy mood. A door welcome banner is another option, or a full sized wall banner is also available.

Then there is the food. Baby party themed edible images can be made for your cakes and cupcakes, as well as themed coloured candy, and bay party themed personalised chocolates and candies.

As your guests depart, dont forget to include baby party bonbonniere or favors with your goodbyes...these will serve to enhance the happy memories created at this, your babies first birthday party!

Last but not least  - plenty of batteries for plenty of camers....dont miss a moment!


Kids Rock Star Party Ideas Melbourne

When one or more of your children is mad on being a rock star, then a themed Rock N Roll or Rock Star themed party is a fantastic and fun idea.

We put together a rock star party that the neighbourhood is still raving about - and that was for our seven year old.

Custom made t shirts, rock star party banners, black bandanas converted the kids into rock n roll monsters.

Rock n roll games, and party entertainments, as well as a photo shoot complete with red flying v electric guitar made the boys feel like real rock stars.

Themed party food and party candy capped off the afternoon. Last but not lease the limos (mums and dads) arrived to take the tired rockers home to rest. Rock on, what a fun party was had by all in Melbourne that day!

You can read about our rock star party here!


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Robot Party Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties in Melbourne

Another of our fun party  ideas was the Robot Party. Kids love robots, and most kids - particularly boys, love the idea of making a robot. But how many get to do it?

Well here are a few ideas if you would like to hold a robot party ofr the kids - simply click the link below!

Find out more here at our blog post about the themed Robot party we held!


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