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Little Master Chef Party

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Kids love to do the things that Mum and Dad do. So we thought lets get the kids doing what we do – sort of – and all have fun at the same time! We love good party ideas!

And now we could fast forward to the day of the party but we should let you in on the inside gossip as to how you can have a party like this took small amount of effort but was well worth it, so much fun for all involved!!! Below we have included photos of some of the personalised party supplies, invitations, and candy, sweets and lollies we used.

You can find our chefs party invitations along with all the matching accessories under our Themed Party Invitations

As our cooking party arrived, each were issued with a Chefs Hat and a Cooking Apron, personalised with the first initial of their name.The effect of this was TERRIFIC – straight away the boys bonded with each other, as if to say, here we are, together, again, and we are here TO HAVE A GOOD TIME TOGETHER!!!A bit of a “Stand By Me” moment. If you are going to have a party this is a great way to get all of the guests on the same level, as well as help those who might be a bit shy to feel at home.

How cute are these Chefs Party Hats and Chefs Party Aprons??

And so it was, the Chefs hats, aprons and personalized T shirts went on. And the boys went wild

After the initial welcomes, our little cooks did their best to spoil their looks – they insisted on playing.And jumping. And running. And riding scooters. ALL IN CHEF HATS AND APRONS – hilarious and some great photos were taken by mums and dads. While they were doing that we set up the mixing table and ingredients outside, so any mess....just didn’t matter.

And then the call went out...."Boys....who wants to make cakes....!!!"

Wow. The response was instant. They flew to the table and began mixing icing, toppings and cupcakes and biscuits.

It was messy.

It got ugly.

It got eaten.

Here is a list of some of the things we used in our Mini Masters Chef Cooking Birthday Party

Cookies - We had two types of cookies.

We had blank cookies made that were larger than the ones you generally get in Supermarkets. Little Dance sells these cookies here! The kids later decorated them with all kinds of super sweet party icings, sparkles and fan-dangles.

We also custom printed toppers for the cookies - Little Dance can do this for you – the kids thought they were the best, they felt like they were in a TV program like Master Chef! And they enjoyed biting the birthday boys head off....Hmmm..

Cupcakes – Again, we used a mixture of plain cupcakes and cupcakes with edible images printed on them. Our Young Chefs Party Cupcakes Edible Image Personalized Toppers can be purchased at this link – cupcake toppers.

The printed cake toppers added atmosphere, the plain ones were decorated to within an inch of our lives by the now fully sugar loaded kids.

The Birthday Cake :Little Dance Invitations custom made an edible image photo birthday cake icing sheet for this birthday and had a lovely cake made. White chocolate cake, sooo moist, delicious, and we hope you will agree, gorgeous!!

The kids had sooo much fun we cannot wait to do this kind of thing again.

Who says boys dont cook?