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Apothecary & Candy Jars

Apothecary jars & glass candy jars for sale

Apothecary style glass jars are a superb and stylish way to present party sweets, candy and other treats. Glass apothecary style candy jars add a definite touch of class to your candy bar at any wedding, birthday or corporate event. Our glass apothecary jars for sale come with matching lids, and in different sizes. Order online - if you buy online we deliver glass apothecary jars & glass jars for candy Australia wide

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What is an Apothecary Jar?

In days gone by, Apothecaries were what chemists are today. of course, jars and lids were not quie the same as today, and were very expensive. An Apothecary needed jars with lids, to store various potions and small items in. Of course, there was no plastic back then. These glass jars would vary in size, but could sometimes be quite large. Today, we know them as apothecary jars. Today, they are mostly used for displaying sweets and lollies.

Some great uses for Apothecary Jars around the home

An apothecary jar is usually quite pretty. Sometimes with curves, and from short to tall, small to large, slim to fat. All shapes and sizes. They are ideal as display jars for small household items. We use them for storing laundry powder. Collections of small polished stones. They also make very good coin collectors.

How candy buffet specialists use glass jars as Candy Jars

Because these decorative glass jars are so pretty, they are ideal for displaying candies, sweets, lollies and chocolates in, and so make excellent candy jars with lids. Varying sizes give a candy table or lolly buffet a visually impressive look. Each candy jar can hold an individual color or type of candy, and be labelled accordingly. We sell a large range of these glass candy jars online, and deliver Australia wide. These are incredibly popular at all kinds of events and celebrations, especially weddings,baby shower and birthday parties.

Ordering glass Apothecary Jars online - common questions answered

One of the most common questions we get about our jars is around how well they travel. We have very few breakages, as all are securely packed in a cardboard outer, and polystyrene inner. If you order online, we can deliver to you anywhere in Australia, provided you are in the Australia Post network.

How many types of glass Candy Jars do  you have for sale online?

The short answer is lots. We try to keep a variety of our pretty jars to suit most purposes. We have large candy jars with lids that you can buy online, ranging across to ornamental glass jars with lids, and some very small, little glass candy display jars. We do get quite a few enquires asking if we wholesale glass jars from people looking for a glass jar supplier online. For large orders contact us to discuss a quote for bulk glass jar orders from our online shop..

Do you have a real world retail shop where I can visit see the range of candy jars you have for sale?

Our retail store has recently closed to enable us to focus on our online only business.

Buy Apothecary Jars in Australia - Candy Jars With Lids For Sale Online - Order Apothecary Style Decorative Glass Jars -  Glass Jars Online Shop Australia

Our range of Apothecary style glass candy jars for sale. From short and petite, to slender and graceful, across to big bellied and bold. Apothecary jars make perfect jars for a candy buffet or lolly buffet table. We are based in Melbourne, and deliver Australia wide. 


Apothecary jars & candy jars for sale online in Australia - Order decorative glass jars with lids online in Australia - Buy pretty glass jars for candy buffet tables at an Australian based online shop

We deliver Australia wide including Adelaide - Brisbane - Canberra - Geelong - Gold Coast - Hobart - Melbourne - Newcastle - Perth - Sydney - Wollongong