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Little Dance - Featured in Australian Homespun Magazine!

Now that the kids are back at school, maybe we can all have five minutes every now and then for a coffee and a readIf, like us, you like to read the glossy fashion mags every now and then, keep an eye out because you might just see Little Dance Invitations products peeking out at [...]

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Saint Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine's Day nowadays referred to as Valentine's DayAnd everybody looks forward to receiving a Valentine's Day GiftSo many of us find this once a year commemoration, exciting, pleasurable, and even amusing!When February 14th dawns on our calendars, it reminds us of the ones we love, yet we tend to forget the history attached to [...]

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Happy 4th Birthday Little Dance

Happy birthday to us... Happy birthday to us...Happy 4th birthday little dance invitations!!!!Happy birthday to us!!Yes we are singing to ourselves very proud and excited and wanting some friends to celebrate with us!Wow what an amazing ride it has been so far, introducing us to remarkable people and stories along the way. We feel honoured [...]

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Oncology Children’s Foundation

Little Dance Invitations gets involved!The team at Little Dance have joined the “Cupcakes For a Cure” fundraising campaign being run by the Oncology Children’s FoundationThe Oncology Children’s Foundation (OCF) is an Australian charity dedicated to finding cures for childhood cancers.They raise money to fund research programs with the sole objective of finding cures for childhood [...]

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Little DanceTM Pioneers Carbon Emissions Offsets in E Business Deliveries

Little DanceTM Pioneers Carbon Emissions Offsets in E Business DeliveriesToday, the team at Little DanceTM is proud to announcethat together with Sustainababy, we are the first online shops in Australia that give you, our customer, the choice and abilityto make a real difference to our environments future with your personalised party supplies buying choices. Little [...]

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Pink Dora The Explorer Party

To help celebrate Dora's BIG Birthday Party Adventure during August and September we have put together our very own Dora Birthday Party to offer you ideas.We stylised our party around the Pink Dora Personalised Party Banner and coordinated our table to suit.Our edible icing images that we sell online are so simple to use. [...]

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Scaring away the monsters

I've known of a few small children that have a fear of monsters, fear of the dark, or fear of aliens which results in them waking in the middle of the night and running to mummy and daddies bedroom. Being scared of the dark, or having a child who has nightmares or night terrors when [...]

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Beaten at the ORIA's

Well Little Dance Invitations was beaten at the ORIA awards by - we are still thrilled to have made the finals and think its wonderful that a small business on a beer budget can swoon with the high rollers on champagne budgets. Congratulations to those winning their categories... now I'm off to kick my [...]

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Our Milestone 40th Birthday Party

We had a milestone in our family last month and it was my job to organise something special for a mans 40th birthday ! What to do for a male who has almost everything for his 40th? I was stuck for ideas!A friend and I put on our secret thinking caps and came up [...]

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Little Dance - Finalist in the inaugural Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAs) !!

For the first time in Australia, the who’s who of the e-retail industry will converge for one spectacular night as the Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAs) capture centre stage in Sydney on Thursday 8 July, later this year.Billed as "The night of nights for the nations best online retailers" The Online Retail Industry Awards was [...]

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