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BE INSPIRED - Fireman Themed Lollypop Centrepiece

Our Fireman Lollypop Centrepiece was based on our Fireman Party ThemedInvitations.Here's the Know How!Items we usedMedium sized stainless steel bucketSandBlack gumboots Large paper mache number purchased from SpotlightRed paintBlu TakHow we did it..We paint our large paper mache number with red paint and let it dry.Meanwhile we filled our bucket to the brim with sand [...]

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PARTIES - Fireman Fire Engine Party

At some point of a little boys life he will want to be a Fireman... Our little firefighter was turning 4 and wanted a Red Fireman's Party. The fireman invitations went out with a request to "Dress in Red" whether it be a little red or a lot of red! We added a RSVP [...]

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PARTIES - Robot Party

Inspired by a little boy's love to tinker, build and invent things... it was only natural he had a Robot Themed Party with a "Build Your Own Robot" adventure!We began building the guests anticipation by sending robot themed invitations, to make sure all of the boys and girls knew what was in store. Once [...]

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In the Media - LDI Listed as No.9

We were excited when Little Dance Invitations reached No.11 in November 2009 and predicted that we would be in the Top 10 by late 2010... We are gob smacked that we made No.9 during February. Just goes to show.. everyone loves a Little Dance! Read more here

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BE INSPIRED - Robot Themed Lollypop Centrepiece

Create your own gorgeous Robot Themed Lollypop Centrepiece for your next Robot Party.Here's the Know How!Our Robot Lollypop Centrepiece was based on our Robot Party Themed Invitations.Items we used 25 x Medium Robot themed lollypops1 x round cake tin (we used an 8 inch round tin - you can purchase these in our Baking Supplies section [...]

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Reptile Birthday

I have to admit that I had a great time putting together this party, right down to browsing through shops for supplies and putting together ideas and recipes.Inspiration was taken from the Reptile Invitations that were sent to guests. The colours we chose to compliment our theme were orange, black, yellow with a splash of [...]

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TV Week

We eagerly flicked through the pages of this weeks TV Week to find a small mention of the Little Dance Invitations SpongeBob SquarePants Superhero Party Invitations. Very exciting!The article is all about themed birthday parties using Hi-5, Dora the Explorer, Hannah Montana and SpongeBob SquarePants.

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In the Media - LDI Listed as No.11

Wow!! We made no.11 in the Top 20 websites in Australia for the gift industry for the November quarter... how exciting!We're slowly climbing to the top and aim to be in the Top 10 by late 2010.Read more here

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What does the New Year hold...

I can't believe that we are in 2010 already. I remember back to 1999 so clearly and how excited I was to be entering into 2000. I celebrated NYE 1999 in Sydney down at the Opera House with past acquantances and remember watching the fireworks with an overwhelming feeling that 2000 was going [...]

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A present that is a REAL Surprise!

've yet to wrap up the Christmas presents... we are getting a little too close for comfort. It's Christmas Eve tomorrow and I'm still waiting for the kids to enter that deep sleep. The type of sleep that you know not even a cyclone will wake them. I won't even attempt to smuggle [...]

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