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Fun and Creative Easter Holiday Tradition Ideas for Aussie Families

Posted by Little DANCE on

Welcome to a very special edition of the Little Dance blog. We’re exploring some fun ideas for creating beautiful family traditions for Easter time.With some chocolate sprinkles, a carrot or two, and a dash of creativity, we’ve conjured up some plans that will help make life-long memories for your little ones.

Why should Christmas get all the credit? Easter can also be a time we look back on with fond memories of magic and excitement. Plus, we know a particular bunny who's getting a little fed up with being disregarded. Read on and get inspired to create some Easter traditions that your children can take with them to their own little families one day.

Classic Easter Traditions

There’s an abundance of traditionalcustoms surrounding Easter time that date back thousands of years! It’s commonly thought that the eggs and springtime characters represent rebirth and new life. At the same time, a very close concept is echoed in records across different regions and religions where Easter is a celebration of fertility and resurrection. When we compare all of these holidays, be it Eostre, Ishtar, or Easter, there are undeniable similarities that simply tells us this is a time of magic.

One thing that we can definitely all agree on is that Easter is a time for joy.The Easter holiday period might not hold any particular significance to you and your family. Still, here at Little Dance, we believe that any holiday designed to bring us together with our loved ones is cause for celebration.

No matter what you believe, our Easter Family Tradition ideas for Australian families are sure to help you create life-long memories with those who are most special to you. Although, some of these will requirea firm sense of belief in the Easter bunny.

New Easter Tradition Ideas

There are some classics that we just can’t leave behind. We’ve incorporated modern spins into old classics like new Easter Egg Hunt ideas, fun gifts and challenges from the Easter Bunny, and general ways to take advantage of a four day weekend as a family!

Fun Spins on your Easter Egg Hunt!

Scattering eggs outside and watching everyone race to the chocolate is good fun, isn’t it? It’s also a great way to work off some of that energy before refuelling it ten-fold with tiny little balls of sugar for breakfast. At Little Dance we say don’t fix what ain’t broken!

Although a little enhancement never hurt anyone. Here’s a list of ways we like to make our Easter Eggs Hunts extra special.

Easter Bunny Footprints

Let the bunny lead the way – after all, Easter Bunny is the one who left the goods! Add a little proof of the mystical bunny by using a powder such as flour inside an Easter Bunny Footprint stencil and creating a trail through the house to the gifts or Easter egg hunt location. If you’ve got carpet, why not use a vacuum powder? Two birds, one stone.

Check out our Easter Bunny Footprint Stencils here.

Personalised Easter Egg Collecting Bags

Gone are the days of broken eggs in our makeshift ‘jumper baskets’. Personalised Easter-themed calico bags add a magical touch to the Easter bunny’s arrival, and they can be used year after year. Once all the eggs are collected, there will be no questioning which eggs belong to who, because they’re in a named bag.

If Easter egg hunts aren’t your thing, these bags could be delivered by the Easter Bunny with all of the gifts inside.

Creating a Scavenger Hunt

Making a scavenger hunt is a fun twist on Easter egg hunts for older children. They might not believe in the bunny anymore, but with younger siblings in the house, could still be involved with the activity. Easter egg scavenger hunts are also fun for households who don’t have a large backyard to hide Easter eggs in.

Making a scavenger hunt can be as simple as placing a personalised Easter egg collection bag at the foot of your child's bed, with the bag containing the first clue. Each clue leads to a location with a single egg and another clue until eventually, your children arrive at their large 'finale' prize. Depending on ages, the clues can be signed from the Easter Bunny, or simply Mum / Dad.

The night before Easter

In many regions, Easter is a four-day affair. Good Friday holds some significance for most households, while the rest of the magic is left until Easter Sunday. That is especially the case when it comes to little ones' eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Easter bunny and Easter gifts from family members.

Here at Little Dance, we think that Easter Saturday could be likened to Christmas Eve – a cosy night in for the family to explore the magic of Easter and spend some quality, holiday time together. Here are a couple of ideas to making your Easter Saturday (or Easter Bunny Eve) special.

Put out your sign

Get your children excited with a personalised Easter Bunny Stop Here Sign. They can put the sign in their bedroom window, or all together in the lounge room, the night before the Easter Bunny makes a big appearance. These signs are a great way to explain to your little ones’ how the Easter Bunny knows which houses to visit.

Easter ‘Eve’ Baskets

Easter ‘Eve’ baskets are a fun tradition for the night of Easter Bunny. They could contain the personalised sign for your little one to put out, their personalised Easter bag, some Easter-themed pyjamas, and a carrot for the bunny!

An Easter movie is also a great addition for the Easter eve basket. If you’ll be streaming your movie instead of buying the DVD, or if you have multiple children and only one DVD, here are some free printable movie tickets from Template Net. Your little ones will love handing in their ‘admit one’ movie ticket in exchange for some TV time. Why not add tickets for Popcorn in a special popcorn box and Chocolate milkshakes, too?

Can’t decide which Easter movies to put into your bag? Here’s a fun list of 11 Easter Movies for Kids by Distractify.

Easter Cake & Cupcake Making

Why not make a day of Easter with your family? Setting aside some time in the early afternoon to create cupcakes and cakes is a great way to get kids learning about cooking, and the Easter Egg hunt can even contain some special items to get their creativity turning!

For example, Easter cupcake picks can be a hidden treasure. Speckled eggs and other edible decorations can be included for some cake decorating inspiration. Keeping photos every year is a fun way to see how your children’s skills progress, and a wonderful keepsake as years go by.

Alternatively, cake day could be on Good Friday. Make your Easter cakes and cupcakes in the morning and have some cake for lunch in lieu of anything containing meat. It might not be the healthiest choice, but it’s only for one day a year. Your kids will always be looking forward to Good Friday the most – the cake for lunch day!

Five FunEaster Games for Families!

In Australia, we're lucky to have main holidays fall within seasons that provide some great weather! That allows us to spend some time outside and get active with our families. While Christmas time is usually synonymous with backyard cricket for many Australian households, we wanted to explore some fun, Easter-themed games that could become an exciting Easter tradition for your little family.

Easter Egg Race

Similar to the egg and spoon race, you could play this classic egg-themed game with hollow chocolate eggs. There's a lot less waste, and they're still edible if you keep them wrapped! This game is more fun for kids because everyone gets a prize – they get to eat their chocolate egg!

Egg Decorating

Decorating eggs is a fun, crafty activity for kids of all ages. It keeps in the spirit of eggs and the new creation that many Easter traditions are founded upon. Here’s a fun guide from the BBC Food Guide about making and displaying decorated Easter eggs.

Easter Crafts

One of our favourite Easter crafts for kids is creating Easter bunny ear headbands and hair clips. You’ll need some pipe cleaners, and plain headbands and/or bobby pins from your local dollar store. Wrap the pipe cleaners to create bunny ear shapes and wear them in your hair! There could be one ear to a slide, or two ears on a headband.

You could also make them from paper or felt, depending on the age of your kids. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas!

Jumping Bunnies

Jumping bunnies is a spin on the age-old sack race. You can use potato sacks or old pillowcases, and jump to the finish line! First to cross wins a prize. Wear your crafted Easter bunny ears from the last activity to truly get into the bunny feel.

Egg Push

For this one, you can use your decorated eggs or a hollow Easter egg. The egg push is a kids' Easter game that will get the whole family laughing! Roll the egg with your nose to the finish line – that’s right, face first. First to finish wins a prize, and if you play with hollow chocolate eggs, everyone’s a winner since they get to eat theirs!

If you liked these ideas and you’re looking for more, why not check out this Good Housekeeping article with 22 Easter Games for Kids.

Easter Gift Alternatives to Chocolate

Chocolate is undoubtedly a tradition at this time of year, but not everyone can eat it. Even so, an accompanying keepsake along with an egg is a wonderful idea for family members of all ages. If gifts need to be posted to long-distance family members, chocolate isn't a very viable option.

Businesses have been listening to your requests for a while now, so there are a lot of Easter-themed gifts and beautiful Easter keepsakes on the market for younger children, distant family, the chocolate-averse, and just for those who love a more meaningful approach to gift-giving.

Here are some of our favourite Easter gifts available from Little Dance!

Easter Mugs

Our fun range of Easter mugs can be personalised. Most designs have cute Easter characters that the recipient is going to adore!

Personalised Easter Puzzles

Remember isolation? That taught us a valuable lesson – you’re never too old for a puzzle! We’ve got a range of personalised Easter puzzles featuring beautiful illustrations of classic Easter characters. You can send a personalised Happy Easter message on an Easter chick puzzle, a girl bunny puzzle, or a boy bunny puzzle. They even come with matching calico bags for safekeeping!

Just something they enjoy!

Easter gifts don’t have to be Easter themed. A little keepsake or item they’ve had their eye on for quite some time is a great idea to add to the Easter basket. After all, Christmas gifts aren’t always Santa themed!

Do you have any fun traditions you carry out as a family for Easter? Let us know your ideas in the comments below – maybe you'll inspire a fellow Aussie family to make Easter traditions of their own.