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Three Events That Need a Donut Board

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There are a lot of milestones that require a celebration. Whether it’s an intimate affair or a big celebratory blow out, events like birthdays, engagements, christenings and baptisms, weddings, anniversaries and of course holidays such as Christmas and Easter often go hand in hand with a gathering with a gathering of your loved ones, a little bit of booze and a little bit of food. 

Ah, the food. While attending these types of events is a care-free and fun filled activity, here at Little Dance Invitations, we know that organising them is a little less fun-filled and a little more stress-filled. But fear not, it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re racking your brains over big details such as décor and catering then we’ve got the perfect solution for you – a donut board! Here’s three events that simply NEED a donut board, and a few reasons why you’ll definitely agree.

Baby Shower / Gender Reveal

Baby showers have been a big thing since, well forever, and with the introduction of Pinterest and Instagram for baby shower theme and décor inspiration, they’re really becoming just as much as a celebration as the actual arrival of your little one. Here at Little Dance Invitations we LOVE that and we believe every single milestone should be just as extravagant as the next, but whether it’s a low key baby shower or a ‘gram worthy gender reveal you’re looking for, a practical donut board is the answer to all of your dreams. 

See, the best thing about a donut board is that while it’s beautiful and blends seamlessly with any scheme, it also serves one great purpose: holding food. Impress your guests with an aesthetic donut board that fits up to 40 donuts and incorporate some fun into them. 

Instead of a gender reveal cake, how about a gender reveal donut?! 

With a donut board that holds two donuts per peg, you can have the first layer of tasty treats iced with the colour that represents your bub, while the outer donuts that are visible to your guests are plain or multi-coloured. What better excuse to eat 20 donuts between a group of friends? This can also make for a super fun prop for a baby shower game idea!

Birthday Party

It’s basically tradition to have a sweet treat as the focal point of a birthday party, but finding a cake the right size, flavour and price point to suit everyone is sometimes a hard task. Why not have a beautifully decorated display cake (we’ve got the decorations covered too) and let the guests feast on a range of yummy donuts, iced to suit your birthday party décor? 

With boards of all sizes, shapes and designs, there’s plenty of unique birthday party catering ideas to be found here at Little Dance Invitations. 

If you’re having a kid friendly event, a donut board is also a great way to keep the little ones happy with yummy food presented in an exciting way while the adults enjoy a divine platter of cheese and meats!

If it’s a kid’s party you’re throwing, check out our themed Pinterest boards to get some fun kids’ birthday party theme inspiration and see how your donut boards can be decorated – blue icing for your under the sea kids’ birthday party, or maybe animal print for a safari themed first birthday party! They’ll be a hit.

Office Party

We know that great bosses love to treat their amazing staff at Christmas time, so an office Christmas party is usually on the cards! 

If you’re looking for a way to make sure all of your staff get a little something in their belly and feel a little spoilt at the same time, a donut board is the safest bet! Being high quality acrylic, donut boards are reusable so you can pull them out year after year, and even use them in fundraising events or staff morning tea meetings! 

What a great way to improve office culture and add something special to your workplace without breaking the bank.

Of course, these wonderful food stations are a hit at any event – check out all of the designs to see which one best suits your design scheme.