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Cupcakes & Scones Recipes

Tarts, cupcakes and scones recipes for sweet party foods  


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This recipe page is all about recipes for fresh baked party foods and snacks that are simple and easy to cook.

It covers scones, tarts, cupcakes and smaller sweet baked treats for parties. These baked food recipes will have lists of ingedients required for the recipe.

There will also be a list of utensils required for the tart, cupcake or scone recipe, and other items that you may need to get that tasty party finger food happening. 

Delicious recipes that are simple to make for any party, and taste great. Many are simple enough for children to try their hand at cooking! Your kids will love cooking yummy tasting food and like eating it even more!

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Baby cupcakes with pink icing recipe

Banana cinnamon cupcake recipe

Birthday cupcakes with cream cheese topping

Butterfly cake recipe

Cherry and chocolate tarts recipe

Chocolate cupcakes recipe

Cupcake recipe

Fairy bread recipe (also known as freckle sandwiches)

Fruitloaf recipe

Scones recipe - made with lemonade!

Pancakes recipe - with apple and cinnamon!

Pikelets recipe


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