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Face Masks

Shop for face masks and face coverings online in Australia. Available in kids and adult sizes!


Based in Australia, get these protective, washable face masks and material face coverings to ensure you meet Victoria's face mask regulations.


If you're elsewhere in Australia, these Australian face masks available online are the perfect choice for an extra level of precaution and the best way to be prepared for potential outbreaks in your area.

Here is what our customers have said...

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Personalised Face Masks Australia

Welcome to our range of cloth face coverings. Although its not always a legal requirement to wear a face mask, the fact is that this is changing constantly, depending on the local regulations and the risk of an outbreak. And now that we have said that, some might prefer to wear a mask anyway, regardless of the regulation. If you are in a higher risk category, that makes complete sense. But just because you have chosen to wear a face covering, does that mean it has to be a run of the mill generic cloth mask, like the surgical ones, all blue, all look the same?

No! We've released a range of face masks made from fabric, that we can place almost any image on. For example, if someone really likes basketball, why not get them a basketball themed face mask - like the one we have for sale online in the images above?

If you were wondering where to buy personalised face masks or how much personalised masks cost, our pricing is on each product page - and it is surprisingly affordable. When you consider that these are washable masks, you will get far more uses out of each one than a paper mask! So by comparison they are actually quite cheap face masks.


Cloth Face Masks

As we mentioned above, our fabric face masks are made from cloth. We have two and three layer fabric masks for sale online in Australia, that we can send to you. Simply select the design that you would like printed on your cloth mask, and we will post it to you once we have printed it.

You can even have a name on a cloth face mask - which is quite handy if you have a large family, particularly with children who go to school. No more mask confusion over which mask belongs to who!

A good question we see quite often is where can I personalised face masks Australia. No worries. We are an Australian business. We customise our masks in Melbourne, Australia, and send to you. If you are wondering how much personalised face masks cost, all of our prices are on the relevant page.


Washable Face Masks

Fabric face masks are fully machine washable. Simply place in the wash with your other laundry then hang out to dry, and they can be used over and over again. Re usable face masks, once washed, are a hygienic and affordable way to help keep yourself and everyone safe. It's a good idea to have a few on hand, that way you always have a fresh and clean mask to wear.


Name Cloth Face Masks Melbourne

The scene. It's time to head for school. Get your masks everyone, Mum or Dad says...only for havoc to break out. The kids are arguing about masks. She's got my mask, It's mine.

We can save you from this daily drama...with cloth masks with people's names on them.

No more arguments. With your name printed on your face mask, it's pretty clear it belongs to no one else. And when you think about hygiene - that's a really good thing, isn't it?

To buy name face mask online select the name mast option above. Made in Melbourne and sent world wide.


Custom Face Masks Sydney

No more boring masks! We do lots of things but one thing we don't do is boring. With a great selection of designs, some of our most popular are our custom fabric face masks. Some with names, some with logos, we could even do a mask with a corporate logo on it - perhaps for events?

People in Sydney often search for where to buy custom face masks near me. Searching is easy - and to buy custom face masks online Australia is easy too. If you are in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia really, simply choose the mask design you like, and all information is on the product page, including any custom or bespoke mask making options.


Funny Face Masks Brisbane and Humorous Face Coverings

We said we don't do boring. We also know that just because wearing a mask is a response to pretty serious stuff, we can still poke fun at the situation. Loads of funny face masks for sale online, as well as humorous cloth mask you can buy online - from the huge mouth and teeth, reminiscent of the Rolling Stones - loads of other designs too! Lets have fun with our masks - after all, life is meant to be fun!

Reusable Face Masks

Owning funny face masks doesn't have to be expensive. Although cheap face masks tend to be the paper sort, these go soggy or can become smelly after a few uses and need to be thrown out. Fabric face masks that you can wash can be used again and again. Better yet, reusable face masks can be used so many times, it's true to say that they become quite cost effective over time. You can buy reusable face masks online Australia and order a few so that you always have a fresh one. Now that's a good face mask idea.

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