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Insect Jokes

What do bees do if they want to use public transport?..........Wait at a buzz stop

What do bees chew?...........Bumble gum

Why do bees hum? .....Because they have forgotten the words!

What kind of bees drop things all the time? .....Fumble bees!

What does a confused bee say? .....To bee or not to bee??

What do you call a bea who has had a magic spell put on him?? Bee witched!

What goes zzub zzub?? .....A bee flying backwards!!

What goes 99 clonk!! 99 - clonk!! .....A centipede with a wooden leg!


How do you tell where a flea has bitten you??  .....Start from scratch!!

What did one flea say to the other flea after a night out?? ....Shall we walk...or take the dog??

What do you call a bee born in May? .....a Maybee!!

What is a bees favourite rock star? .....Sting!

Fave rock group? The Bee Gees!!! Arrrrgggghhh....

What has four wheels and flies?? A garbage bin!!!

How do fleas travel? .....They itch-hike!

What is an insects favourite game?? .....Cricket!!!


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