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Kids Party Games

Kids games !

Welcome to our kids games page. On this page there is a list of free fun kids games and party games with a short summary.

Use the links to visit the party game page for the full rules, how you play the game, and what you will need to get it all together. There are over 35 party kids games and kids activities listed with variations included for indoor and outdoor parties!

Remember when playing to adjust the play or the game to suit the age and abilities of the children!


Backyard cricket, soccer and footy
Balloon tossing for young children
Chase the tail - also known as dragons tail
Games for all ages
Games for young kids
Hide and seek
Musical chairs
Pass the parcel
Pin the tail on the donkey
Races - backwards race
Races - draw a face relay race
Races - egg and spoon race
Races - sack race
Races - three legged race
Scavenger hunt
Simon says
Tag - ball tag
Tag - capture the flag
Tag - chain tag
Tag - circle tag
Tag - freeze tag
Tag - hospital tag
Tag - shadow tag
Tag - standard tag
Tag - torch or flashlight tag
Telephone call - or Whispers
Treasure hunt
Tug of war
Twenty questions
Water filled balloon tossing
Whats the time mister wolf
Wink (also known as Sudden Death or Assassin)
Word chain games


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