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Pin the tail on the donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

For this game you will need 
A picture of a donkey without a tail
Paper tails with a childs name on each, one for each child
Tape for each tail
A blindfold. 

How you play :

Blindfold the first child
Turn them around three times
Give them a tail. 
Point them towards the donkey picture taped to the wall
Do this for each child 

When finished, with younger children , everyone has a good laugh at where the tails ended up. For older children, the closest to the right place can win a prize. Variations of this game, instead of tails on donkeys, it could be a tail on a dinosaur, cape on a superhero, ladder on the fire engine or similarWinner is the one whose tail is closest to where its supposed to be!


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