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Races - draw a face relay race

Draw a face relay race

For this game you will need 
Some large sheets of paper (butchers paper or similar)
Crayons or markers.

To play, before beginning the game, an adult will draw an oval on each piece of paper.

Divide the children into two teams of five players, and stand them in line on one side of the room.

The pieces of paper, crayons or markers, and are on the other side of the room.

The paper is mounted either on a wall or similar vertical surface, fastened with tape.

When the adult says “go” the first child in line will walk to the oval, and draw one part of the face eyes, mouth, nose, ears, or hair.

This child then walks back to the team, and the next child has a turn.

The first team to have a complete face wins, and we all have a giggle at some very silly faces. 


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