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Unicorn Cake Decorations Australia

Unicorn Birthday Cake Decorations For Sale Online

Looking to buy a magic Unicorn cake decoration for a birthday cake soon? Kids young and old love Unicorns - so a Unicorn birthday cake is an excellent choice - topped with a personalised unicorn cake decoration. All of our cake decorations are made in Australia, including custom unicorn cake decorations! We are based in Melbourne, Australia, and deliver Melbourne wide

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Gorgeous unicorn cake topper made in Australia Printed happy birthday Unicorn cake topper buy Unicorn happy birthday cake topper online

Rainbow Unicorn cake topper Australia Personalised unicorn birthday cake topper with name and age

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Cake Decorations for Unicorn Birthdays


The History of Unicorns

Unicorns have been around for a long time. They appear in myths and legends, as well as in popular fiction, such as Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, and even in Toy Story. Looking into the stories of many ancient and modern civilisations, you could say Unicorns have been popular forever.! They are usually represented as a white horse like creature, with a horn mounted on the forehead a little - a very magical animal!


Why a Unicorn is a Great Choice For A Birthday Cake Theme

Unicorns are the epitome of good. In the Harry Potter world a Unicorn's blood gives everlasting life. A beacon of goodness, of all that is the opposite of evil and the most magical creature in the world. Unicorns also look a lot like horses, which are also animals that many people love at first sight. These two facts make Unicorns one of the most popular and enduring themes in popular stories, toys and movies. And with that, plenty of kids absolutely adore them. So if you would like to create a birthday theme for your child - who likes Unicorns too - and one that they love, a Unicorn Birthday Cake is perfect. One easy way how to make a Unicorn birthday cake is to buy a cake decoration with a picture of a unicorn on it. Have a look at the pictures above for some unicorn cake ideas


Unicorn Cake Ideas and Cake Decorating with Unicorns

Stuck for good birthday cake ideas? Would you like to make a unicorn birthday cake? We have a variety of decorations that can help you transform a boring old supermarket bought cake into a unicorn birthday cake that will make any child smile. Best of all, an easy unicorn birthday cake idea is only a few clicks of the mouse away. Have a look at our products above to see what we mean! We have decorations for sale online that suit so many types of occasions - and not just birthdays!


Kids Unicorn Birthday Cakes

Why not make the best unicorn themed birthday party ever with a unicorn cake! We have plenty of awesome designs of acrylic cake decorations with pictures of unicorns on them. Not only that, we've made a cake decoration with a rainbow as well as a Unicorn - does it get more special than that? We even have ridiculously pretty laser cut unicorn cake decorations. These are available in an excellent range of acrylic colours including our super popular gold, rose gold and silver mirror.


Where Can I Buy Unicorn Cake Decorations With Name On Them

If you have been searching online for a website that sells unicorn cake decorations, you are at the right place. Sometimes you can find a shop that sells unicorn cake decorations, but an online shop is going to be easier in many cases. Our Australian cake supplies website and online party shop in Melbourne has a plenty of cute pictures of unicorns as well as silhouettes, that we have created as cake decorations with unicorns on them and cake decoration kits. Several of these very cute kids cake decorations have their name on them, as well as their age.


Want A Personalised Unicorn Cake Decoration? Can Do!

Are you wanting to buy a personalised unicorn cake decoration with name and age on it online in Australia? Of course we can help. Our online personalised cake decoration shop is based right here in Australia, and we manufacture on site.



Unicorn cake decorations Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth?

Can do. As we are based in Melbourne, Australia, and manufacture in Australia, all of our cake decorations are Australian made. If you are wanting to buy Unicorn cake decorations Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or any other location, simply order online - we deliver Australia and worldwide to most destinations



How much do Cake Decorations with Unicorns on Them Cost?

If you are looking for unicorn cake decoration price, this page is the perfect online resource. The images above all link directly to the product for sale page, and on that page are the price of unicorn cake decorations. If you are looking for unicorn cake decoration kit prices, one of the unicorn cake kits for sale above is ideal for this.