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Whats the time Mister Wolf?

Rules for Whats the Time Mister Wolf?

This game is great for ages 4 to about 8 or so.

One player is Mister Wolf, while the rest get to ask the time. Mister Wolf stands at one end of a hall or room or open space, with the others at the other end.

The first child asks the question "Whats the time Mister Wolf?"..The Wolf then gets to choose an answer.

It can be anywhere from one o'clock to twelve o'clock.

Whatever the hour the wolf calls out, that is the number of steps the players must all take towards the wolf. They can be big steps or small steps.

The next player asks the same question and also steps forward as directed....gradually the players get closer and closer to the Wolf....the suspension builds...

When the Wolf is ready he or she may answer the question "Whats the Time? " with a gleeful yell of..."LUNCH TIME!!" ...

This is the cue for the Wolf to chase down the players who run screaming away from the wolf...and catch one, for "lunch".

This player then becomes the wolf for the next game.


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