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Wink, sudden death, or assassin

Wink (or Sudden Death or Assassin)

More suitable for older children and teenagers.
This game can be played with all players sitting in a circle, facing one another, or over the course of an evening, as people move around.

Cut up one piece of paper into smaller pieces, one for each player. One of these pieces will have an X marked on it. Each player picks a piece of paper from a bowl or hat, and the person who picks the piece with an X on it is IT.

IT then casually goes about eliminating the other players by winking at them.

If you are winked at, wait a short while, or react immediately, its up to you. You are then ‘out” or “dead”, hopefully with lots of funny dying antics.

If you leave it a bit longer before keeling over it makes it harder for the other players to work ut who IT is. The remaining players are trying to work out who the assassin is before its too late.

If you think you know who it is, you can accuse someone at any time, however if you are wrong, you are out of the game. 


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